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Reference Lists

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Building Secondary Pressurized Water Supply System
Beijing Empark Grand Hotel
Golden Resources Shopping Mall
Golden Resources Business Center
Beijing Century City Residential Community
Beijing Wudong Building
Beijing Nongke Plaza
Beijing Nanyin Plaza
Civil Aviation Administration of China Air Traffic Management Bureau
Beijing Baili Plaza
Beijing Science and Fortune Center
Beijing Jinwei Plaza
Beijing Global Trade Center
Prime Hotel Beijing
Beijing Pine Valley Mansion
Beijing Gehua Plaza
FX International Plaza
Beijing Full Tower
University of International Business and Economics
National Elite Business Center
Library of Huairou District, Beijing
Beijing International Friendship Garden Apartment
Beijing Phoenix City
Beijing Uni-Construction Plaza
Mingde Building of Renmin University
Xianjin Building of Renmin University
Office Building of Renmin University
Cultural Building of Renmin University
China Youth University for Political Science
Fangxin Yuan Residential Community
Tengchong Empark Grand Hotel, Yunan Province
Kunming Empark Grand Hotel
Shangri-La of Hohhot
Hefei Empark Grand Hotel
Hefei Century City Residential Community
Changsha Empark Grand Hotel
Changsha Golden Resources Shopping Mall
Changsha Golden Resources Residential Community
Tengchong Golden Resources Shopping Mall
Procuratorate of Hunan Province
Block A, B, C, D of Atlantic City Residential Community
Beijing MOMA Tower
Beijing Sun City Residential Community
No.11 Building, Jiqingli of Beijing
Xiadu Homeland Residential Community
Haifeng Yuan Residential Community
Zhongjia Plaza
Jiagongnanli Residential Community
Haohongyuan Residential Communit
Beijing Yijingyuan Residential Community
No.3 Building of Yangzhuang Beili, Beijing
No.3 Building of Huangjinyuan Residential Community, Beijing
Telephone Office of Muxiyuan, Beijing
Beijing Guangyuan Plaza
No.2 and No.4 Zaoying Beili Residential Community, Beijing
No.3 Building Dongli Hotspring Garden Residential Community
No. 4 and No.5 Building Lianbao Apartment
Beijing Xiqing Apartment
No.3 and No.4 Building of Yongwai Guoyuan, Beijing
No.4 and No.5 Building of University of Communications
Beijing Zhuanjiao Building
No. 211 and 221 Building of Nongguangli
Courtyard 1, Shuangquanpu, Beijing
No.2 Building of Guangxinju, Beijing
Beijing Zhonghaiyayuan (Llihua Pavilion and Lijing Pavilion )
Library of Central University for Nationalities
Phase 1 of Beijing Science and Technology Convention Center
Beijing Holian North Village
No.6 Courtyard, Fuxing Road Yi
No.7 and No.10 Building, Qianhe Homeland Residential Community
No.26 Courtyard, Xibahe Beili, Beijing
No.18 Building, East Streat of Baizhifang, Beijing
Tiancun Primary School of Beijing
Dongzhimen Transport Junction Center of Beijing
Baidu M1 Building
Detention House of Haidian District, Beijing
Ditan Hospital of Beijing
Xingkang Homeland Residential Community, Beijing
Blessing Street, Beijing
Donghu Plaza, Dazhu County of Chongqing City
Hongshengju Residential Community, Dazhu County, Chongqing City
Heyu Dushihuating, Dazhu County, Chongqing City

Beijing Jingouhe Homeland Residential Community
No.10 Building, Jiayuan Nanli, Beijing
Dollar Mountain Hotel Beijing
Electroplating Water Treatment Facilities and Manufacturing Base Drinking Water Supply for No.12 Plant of Beijing Doudian
Phase 1 Motor Vehicle Lab Construction Project of Beijing
Workers’ Residential Building of Beijing Fuchengmen Electric Power Company
Beihai Wetland of Tengchong, Yunnan Province

Building wastewater treatment and water reuse
Tengchong Empark Grand Hotel, Yunan Province
Tengchong Golden Resources Shopping Mall Center, Yunan Province
Tengchong Golden Resources Villa and Residential Community, Yunan Province
Kunming Empark Grand Hotel, Yunan Province
Kunming Golden Resources Shopping Mall Center, Yunan Province
Kunming Golden Resources Residential Community, Yunan Province
Beijing Tangquan Yishu Residential Community
Beijing Shiji Xinjing Residential Community
Building Materials Research Academy of Beijing


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