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About Us

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   Beijing Huaxia Yuan Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. (“Yuan Jie Water”) is a high-tech enterprise engaged in water system integration for large high-rise buildings, R&D, manufacturing, installation and sales and operation of water treatment equipment systems directly affecting consumer use. Yuan Jie Water is an affiliate of Tri-Tech Holding Inc., a China-based public company listed on NASDAQ Capital Market (Symbol Ticker: TRIT).

    Yuan Jie Water is a systems integrator specializing in building water system, building water treatment equipment, cleaning and etc. The company has a corporate advisory team composed of water industry experts from prestigious universities in China, the United States and Taiwan.. The company has six major product lines, including product lines for building secondary water supply, drinking water systems treatment product, building wastewater treatment and water reuse product lines, tank products, disinfectors and membrane treatment products, totaling more than 20 products and 10 patents.

    The company is a leader in energy-saving advantages and R&D with innovation in product technology, rational selection of equipment and optimizing system engineering design. Yuan Jie Water's core technology includes purifying overlying technology, two-way water supply and OB biochemical techniques. The company’s products have international certificates for quality control, environmental control and occupational health safety management, namely ISO9001, ISO14000 and ISO18000. The company also has CCC certificates and seven hygiene licenses for drinking water supply equipment and supplies. The company’s projects have received a series of industry awards such as Enterprise with High Credit in Quality, and China National Grade AAA Membership Enterprise for Quality, Credibility and Services, CCECS and Ministry of Construction Recommended Project Construction Products.



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